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Video Conferences

Digital interpreting
Remote Simultaneous Interpreting RSI, the new digital advanced technology for remote simultaneous interpreting of video conferences, developed by conference technology companies in collaboration with conference interpreters.

The advantages:
The digitalisation of interpreting is the ideal way to ensure a fast, close and efficient exchange of information.

You can flexibly reach an unlimited number of participants via livestream: globally, regardless of location, without any travelling and loss of working time, environmentally friendly and in the accustomed perfect quality.

How it works
You and the other participants meet virtually…

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… on a cloud-based conferencing platform. Conference interpreters, who have been specially trained in the use of remote interpreting systems, are linked in online and interpret simultaneously in up to 10 languages.
Consecutive interpreting is also possible when conference interpreters are integrated as participants in your video conference platform.

Interpreting in the utmost quality – just as you are accustomed to.

Who is where
All or some of you and your guests are in different places in the world, as the situation requires.

The interpreting team works in interpreting booths in one of the 23 permanently installed RSI studios in Germany. From the studio, the technical company provides the connection to your conference platform.

As an alternative, mobile hubs can be installed at any location desired, for example in your house or externally.
Technical execution from A to Z and the test run before the actual event is performed by the conference equipment company. You can devote yourself entirely to the communication.

What is the right event format?
Whether a small meeting or a large conference with streaming: digital interpreting is a good solution for a wide variety of formats, such as

Press conferences
Product presentations
Works council meetings
Supervisory board meetings
Executive management meetings
Award ceremonies
Scientific and scholarly symposiums
Business negotiations, etc.

Which platform you can use
Any cloud-based video conferencing platform desired can be linked in: MSTeams, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Zoom and much more right in line with your desires.

How secure and good the data transfer is
Data transmission is password-protected using AES 265-bit encryption in compliance with all GDPR standards. Only your conference equipment company can provide this.

A VDSL fibre optic connection with a high-performance rate of 125 Mbits in upload and download guarantees optimal audio and video quality. The quality of your participants’ data connection and the use of headsets with microphones also play a key role.

ISO standards and specifications established by interpreting associations are fully complied with.

Any questions?

I would be happy to advise you in collaboration with conference equipment companies to find the optimal solution for your event.

Simultaneous interpreting

If you are planning conferences involving more than two languages and a tightly packed agenda, simultaneous interpreting is the method to choose.

In the interpreting booth, the interpreters transfer the speaker’s words into the other language almost simultaneously. Participants can listen to the translated version via a receiver and headset.

The advantage of simultaneous interpreting is that no time is lost since your conference can take place in several languages at the same time, as if you and your participants were speaking the same language.

Suitable for:

  • Congresses
  • Press conferences
  • Product presentations
  • Board meetings etc.
  • Guided tours of plants, museums, trade fairs, cities using a wireless communication system
  • Radio and television programmes
Conference service

Whether you are planning a meeting involving two languages or an international congress in many languages: it is essential to avoid a breakdown in communication due to language barriers, and to ensure your guests go home with a maximum of information.

Highly qualified conference interpreters make listeners forget language barriers, optimising communication between you and your partners.

I provide a comprehensive consulting service to help you find out which type of interpreting, consecutive or simultaneous, is the ideal solution for your needs and the needs of your guests.
I provide quotes should you require technical systems for interpreting and conferences, I organise the team of interpreters and are there to provide you with the support you need in preparing your event.

I make sure the language side works, giving you more time to concentrate on the content.

Face-to-face events

Interpreting live – on site
Conference interpreting live at the venue – simultaneously and consecutively – allows communication without any language barriers. Because nothing can serve as a replacement for direct sensory perception. A unique opportunity that only face-to-face meetings can offer!

The advantage:
Live formats place the focus on an intensive exchange of information, on closeness and personal contacts. Psychological studies have demonstrated the vital importance of direct experience and networking.

People, innovation, the product and active collaboration are in the spotlight.

How it works
You and your participants meet at the same place.

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Your conference interpreters work at your venue in interpreting booths in accordance with ISO standards, interpreting simultaneously or consecutively into all the languages you require. The interpreting is communicated to your guests in their mother tongue comfortably via headsets.

This turns multilingual communication into a unique, direct experience.

Who is where
You and your participants are at the same location. Interpreting is provided for official parts of the programme and important conversations at a personal level.

Hybrid solutions with digital and conventional interpreting technology are also possible, with some participants then being linked in via video and/or audio technology.
The interpreting team works in booths in the meeting room or, whenever space is limited, in an adjacent room using video transmission.

What is the right event format?
Whether it be a bilateral negotiating committee or international congress: live interpreting on site is a good solution for numerous formats such as

Press conferences
Product presentations
Works council meetings
Supervisory board meetings
Annual general meetings
Management meetings
Award ceremonies
Scientific symposiums
Factory, museum and trade fair visits
Business negotiations

Who organises the interpreting team?
As a conference interpreter with a university degree, I have been working for over 20 years in the languages German <-> Italian as well as from French and English for clients from all over Europe.

Is your event multilingual? My network of over 200 highly qualified simultaneous interpreters covers 25 languages and a wide range of specialised areas.

Who supplies the interpreting equipment?
Thanks to many years of collaboration with leading conference equipment companies, I can provide you with optimal advice and help find the perfect interpreting equipment for your event.

Any questions?
I would be happy to advise you and offer you the perfect solution for your event.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is used for bilateral gatherings, accompanying delegations or working with smaller groups of negotiators.

The interpreter takes notes while the presenter is speaking and at regular intervals translates what has been said into the other language..
The interpreter sits close to the speaker or at the conference table, in direct contact with and visible to the audience or the participants in the meeting.

As normally no technical equipment is needed, the advantage of consecutive interpreting is that you can change location and it is particularly suitable for short talks or presentations.

Suitable for:

  • Negotiations
  • Press conferences
  • Ceremonial addresses
  • Welcoming and after-dinner speeches
  • Short presentations etc.
  • Tours

I will translate any written material connected to your event, such as invitations, the agenda, applications, minutes, presentations, press material and any other correspondence.

In addition, I also offer translation of technical documents, manuals, operating instructions, information material and other types of text.

If you have the texts available as computer files, I can send you a quote without delay.